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"Growing up, food was always central to our gatherings, whether it was just the family, or a group of friends. There were always freshly cooked food on the hob or leftovers in the fridge, and people were always welcome to either. So, I understood early on that food brought people together, and that it brought joy into our home. Indian food, especially, held a certain kind of magic for me. I've spent my life immersed in its complex flavours and spices. Over the last 15 years of writing recipes, cookbooks and presenting TV series on the real joys of Indian food, I've always wanted to bring cooking Indian food into the home."

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Necessity is the mother of invention

Anjum's career is centred around her passion to showcase real Indian food and flavours. She's always wanted to dispel the myth that the cuisine is unhealthy and wanted to see it being prepared by everyday home-cooks. As her life got busier with children and work, she realised that there were no acceptable shortcuts to help her on busier days. The products in the supermarkets didn't represent the real flavours she grew up with and they were full of nasties that she didn't want to feed her family. So, she decided to create her own range of meal kits that tasted home-made, were quick and easy to prepare and were free of any artificial additives. Ultimately, she wanted to take Indian food beyond the old-fashioned ideas of take-ways and jarred sauces and create a better home-cooking experience, resulting in versatile, healthy and altogether delicious Indian meals.
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World of fuss free Necessity is the mother of invention
Anjum Anand

Anjum Anand


On a mission to bring great-tasting, true Indian food to your home-kitchen.

Anjum is the author of 8 Indian Cookbooks.
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She has hosted 3 prime-time Indian cuisine cooking shows on BBC2 in the UK and the SBS network in Australia.

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